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Photos of the Time NSYNC Launched Some MSN Network Thing on CD-ROM



Welcome to our new series “Photos of the Time That…” The basic idea of the series is that once a week, every week, I’ll dig into Getty’s image bank to bring you some kind of wacky celebrity story from the early 2000s. This series will be lots of fun, while also being an incredibly cheap way to generate content. So please, join me as we take a journey back through time and space.

It was November 28, 2000: NSYNC was the coolest band on the planet, and MSN Messenger was fine but not very cool and trying to get cooler by partnering with NSYNC. Microsoft had penned a three-year deal with the group to plaster their platform with NSYNC-related imagery in an attempt to lure teenagers away from AOW—which was somehow the industry…

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